Buoyanci Proserv

saturday delivery on soma Buoyanci Professional services focuses on helping organisations build a remarkable talent base. Executive search, Build-operate-transfer and Domain focused key hire search, induction and development services offered on exclusive basis for technology and product companies. 

If you are planning to incubate, develop and / or expand your technical and executive team in specialised areas, you should talk to us.

Buoyanci finpro

Financial Accounting, Governance, Regulatory and compliance services for Startups, NGOs and New-Gen companies. Tech-enabled accounting and allied services is offered on a subscription mode. Professional Services offered by trained and certified staff around the country, that is SIMPLE and NICE. 

Every time you use Buoyanci finpro services, you will be helping previously unemployed women from marginal families. Talk to us today for getting to know and coming on board…